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Benefits of Flatbed Towing Services

Unlike traditional towing methods, which can cause damage to cars and pose a safety risk, flatbed towing services provide numerous benefits for vehicle owners. In this article, we’ll explore the advantages of using flatbed towing services and why they are the preferred method of vehicle transportation.

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Roadside Assistance

Oklahoma's Go-To and Most Reliable Roadside Assistance Provider

Have you ever had your battery light turn on or ran out of gas? Have you ever locked your keys in the car or forgotten to turn off a light? Unexpected circumstances frequently place you in a difficult position. But if they do occur, Tow Mate OKC has you covered. We provide full roadside support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So, no matter when or where you want our assistance, we will be there to assist you. Our dedication to customer service distinguishes us from other roadside help services. We realize how stressful being stuck may be, so we go above and beyond to ensure you’re taken care of. When you call Tow Mate OKC , you may anticipate the following:

Luckily, we offer full roadside assistance. We send a technician out to your location to fix the problem and do our best to get you back on the road. We know that when you need roadside assistance, you need it now. That’s why we offer fast, reliable service that you can count on.

If you’re in need of roadside assistance in the Oklahoma City metro and surrounding areas, get in touch with Tow Mate OKC ! From battery replacements to lockouts and fuel delivery, we’ll be there for you when you need us. For serious breakdowns, we tow your vehicle to our shop to fix it right away. 

Flat Tire

flat tire emergency assistance from Tow Mate

Don’t allow a flat tire to ruin your day! We can quickly get your vehicle back on the road with our rapid and safe flat tire roadside help. Flat tires can happen on vacations and weekends, which is why we are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A flat tire can completely spoil your day, whether you’re just making your daily commute on I-240 or in the backroads outside of town. Call Tow Mate OKC and we’ll have you back on the road quickly! We can arrive at your location in Oklahoma City within 30 minutes. Many firms are closed on weekends, holidays, and overnight, but Tow Mate OKC is always accessible to offer you prompt and expert service.

If your flat cannot be repaired on the spot, Tow Mate OKC will tow your car to a reputable technician or shop. We are available at any time of day or night to assist you in your moment of need at a reasonable charge.

If you need roadside help in the Oklahoma City Metro area, there’s no need to call or shop around for the greatest pricing, the finest customer service, or the quickest availability. Tow Mate is available for all of your vehicle’s roadside assistance requirements! 

Fuel Delivery

roadside assistance fuel delivery in Oklahoma

Run out of gas with no gas station in sight? No problem! Tow Mate OKC can deliver fuel to you whether you’re stranded on a country road or the interstate. No matter if your vehicle takes gasoline or diesel, rest assured that we will arrive quickly to get you back on the road.

Sometimes you think you have enough gas to travel home “on fumes,” sometimes you think you have enough gas to get to the gas station, and sometimes someone takes your car and “forgets” to fill up the tank. We will not pass judgment! We’ve all encountered unforeseen roadside crises that require immediate aid. And whether you’re stuck in the rain, sun, dead of night, Christmas Day, I-240, or on a dirt road, you need trusted assistance that will arrive in within 30 minutes. Tow Mate OKC is always there to help you get out of a jam! 

Vehicle Lockout

vehicle lockout in the middle of the road

Locking yourself out of your car can be a nightmare, but don’t worry! The automotive locksmiths at Tow Mate OKC are here for you. We specialize in quick response times and offer affordable solutions that will work with any type or make/model vehicle on the market today – no matter how complicated their keys may seem. Call us anytime day or night if this ever happens; our team is just one phone call away from providing fast service. 


car jumpstart roadside assistance

If you’re looking for a reliable roadside assistance service in Oklahoma, Tow Mate OKC is your best bet. We offer emergency car jumpstart service to help you get back on the road as quickly as possible. We know how frustrating it can be to have a dead battery, so we’ll do our best to get you up and running again in no time. Need a replacement battery? Ask us about our battery delivery and installation services. 


car winching in road full of snow

Car winching is the use of a cable or chain to pull a car from a ditch, mud, or snow. Winching is also used to move heavy objects.

Most people need winching services if they get stuck in mud or snow. However, there are some other times when you might need to call a winch truck. For example, if you have a broken axle, you will need to call a tow truck with a winch. If you have a broken down vehicle and the tow truck cannot pull it out, you will need to call a winch truck. If your vehicle is in a ditch or embankment, you will need to call a winch truck.

If your car has become stuck in a ditch, the snow, or in any other precarious situation, Tow Mate OKC is there to help. When traditional towing methods don’t work, a winch can be your best bet. Using a strong cable and a motorized axle, we can remove your car from a variety of places that a tow truck can’t reach. 


Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few situations that always require towing services. If you’ve been in a car accident, for example, your car will need to be towed away from the scene. Similarly, if your car has broken down and is unable to move, you’ll need to call a tow truck. Towing services are also necessary if you’re illegally parked and are about to be towed away by the police.

Of course, there are other situations where towing services may be helpful, even if they’re not strictly necessary. If your car is having difficulty starting, for example, a tow truck can give you a jump start. If you’ve run out of gas, a tow truck can bring you a can of gas. If you have a flat tire, a tow truck can bring you a spare.

In general, if you’re stranded on the side of the road, a tow truck can help you get back on your way. 

There is no definitive answer when it comes to whether or not towing is harmful to a vehicle. However, there are some things to keep in mind if you need to have your car towed. First of all, make sure that you have a tow truck that is reputable and reliable. Secondly, be sure to have your vehicle towed as short a distance as possible. Lastly, make sure to take your vehicle to a reputable and qualified mechanic to have it checked out after it has been towed. While there is no definitive answer, the best thing you can do is to be prepared and use caution when having your vehicle towed. Tow Mate offers reliable and professional towing services in Oklahoma. Call us today! 

Yes, we carry all needed equipment necessary to tow motorcycles. We understand that towing a motorcycle is different than towing a car, and we take extra care to ensure your bike arrives safe and sound. 

Yes, cars with automatic transmissions can be towed with the drive wheels on the ground. This is because automatic transmissions use a torque converter to transmit power from the engine to the drive wheels, which means that there is no need to use the transmission to drive the car.

There are many methods of towing, depending on what is being towed. There are three main types of tow trucks: flatbed, wheel-lift, and hook and chain. Flatbed tow trucks use a ramp to raise the vehicle onto the truck bed, while wheel-lift tow trucks use a metal yoke to lift the front or rear wheels of the vehicle onto the truck bed. Hook and chain tow trucks use a chain to secure the vehicle to the truck bed. All three types of tow trucks can be used to transport vehicles of all sizes, from motorcycles to semi-trucks.

Yes, we can tow your vehicle if it is in a parking garage. Our tow trucks are able to navigate through tight spaces, so we can safely tow your car from the garage. We offer roadside assistance services as well, so if you need help getting your car out of the garage, we can assist you.

As long as the keys are with the vehicle and we have all of the information we need from you, including where the keys are located, you don’t have the stay with your car while you wait for us to arrive. 

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